Rice and Beans for Two

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Having fun with Abuelita

I didn't know my Abuelita rode a bike, it is a cool motorcycle!

Maybe next time she will take me....errr...maybe not, it's kinda loud!

I love wearing her shoes, they almost fit me.

They don't make me fall, either, I walk just fine!

Time to rock my baby, she loves this swing, it plays music!

Yum, my favorite, soup, thanks Abuelita!!

Those tiny noodles are the best!

I can feed myself real good.

Fun with Titi Carmen

Having fun with Titi....first she cuts my fingernails.

It takes a loooong time to cut all 10 of them.

Now come my toe nails, my Titi is terrific.

Now comes the nailpolish, a feminine pink for me.

I love spending time with Titi, she colors like a pro. Fun times!

Four Eyes - CUTIE

Erin was holding Jase and when he grabbed her glasses Mommy put them on him, not bad? He is cute no matter what he is doing!!


Elektra loves to hug and kiss. So far the kids don't hug back. Here she is hugging Devin from across the street.
And Jase surely doesn't know what is going on, but she loves to hug him.

And how about a kiss, kid?

Here she is hugging her 5th (???) cousin (her grandfather's cousin's grandson), Cristofer.
He moved so now she is hugging his feet.
OK, here she comes in for the kiss and another hug.


Have I told you about the 'shrug'? This is what Jase does when....when....well, we don't know why he does it. What do you think?

He is trying to communicate something to us, look at that stare, but we don't know what it is.

I guess we'll have to be more diligent with those sign language lessons so he can tell us what is on his mind.

In this picture we think Grandpa was not quick enough in feeding him and he was getting anxious. He was eating guacamole, what do you think about that, pretty cool kid, no?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stuff on my Cat

My granddaughter, Elektra, LOVES Sasha, my cat (OK, officially he is Maria's cat). When Elektra came to spend the week-end with us for the first time she was 19 months old and didn't know who we were. I knew everything was going to be OK, however, when the first word out of her mouth when I went to her room to get her that first morning was, "Sasha."

He lets her hug him, kiss him, bite him (this is not too injurious to him because all she ends up with is a mouthful of fur), twist his head in all directions as she is loving him, pull out chunks of his fur and hold onto his tail. He's not too crazy about the tail holding so he will try to get away, thus the tail holding quickly becomes tail pulling as he is making a dash for it. Elektra has not quite grasped the concept that tail pulling is not fun for the cat. She makes reference to it several times a day, "I pull tail." as she smiles and demonstrates with her hand in a fist as she jerks it above her head.

She has discovered laying on him, which she enjoys and Sasha will tolerate for all of 10 seconds before he decides he needs to be somewhere else. Luckily I had my phone with me and was able to take a quick snapshot before he bolted.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Have you ever heard of Unclaimed Baggage?

We went to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama this past Saturday to see what we could find. We had heard about this store in the news and it sparked our interest; this store is filled with the contents of airline luggage that gets lost when people travel (after 90 days of trying to find the rightful owners).
When I first walked in I was shocked at the size of the place and the amount of merchandise for sale.
It was very sad, especially the 50 wedding dresses on display; all I could think about was the poor former owners of this property and how sad they must be. Then it was creepy, thinking about all those people's stuff, ick. But then it turned to fun as I checked out some items to possibly purchase.
I got about 10 brand new Dr. Seuss books, that came from unclaimed freight and cargo, for $2 each. Then there is a book with no words, that should be fun to 'read' to my grandkids. There were even books in foreign languages (sorry, none in Swedish but some in Danish) from foreign travelers. I got a pullover and some fun slippers for my granddaughter and a shiny, evening jacket for me.

Then there is the Christmas gift I bought for over $200 for one of my kids, but I'm not telling you which one (although that dress Mario is holding up costs over $200!!)!!

Here is a map of the trip we took, taking the scenic route through the mountains of Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, 466 miles total in our Corvette, just for fun and relaxation.

The calm Tennessee river in the background, we are on top of Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant reservoir that uses river water to generate electricity for the surrounding area during peak demand.

See the relaxed look on my face? Fun day, top down, sun shining, cool breeze and Mario's driving.

We saw great rapids and several hundred rafters in rented rafts, looking like they were having a blasts, hey, kids, let's plan on a ride down the river.....what do you think? Where I'm standing in this photo is where they put the rafts into the river (why are they wearing helmets???).