Rice and Beans for Two

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Magnet Hands

I've been having so much fun I have forgotten to post anything.
We are really enjoying watching Jase grow up, every time we see him he is doing something new. He gets more alert and aware of things, I keep waiting for him to say "Abuelita" when he sees me!!
Abuelito spends lots of time with him and involves him in common boy activities...trucks and cars.
Here he is learning how to park the truck. He says he already knows how to drive, you can tell by the way he holds onto that steering wheel as if his hands had magnets on them.

One week-end last month Jase was trying out the Corvette....he loves that color. Sitting with Abuelito, helping him drive like he has done this all his life.

He can't walk but he sure can stand, he's checking out the trunk to see if there is enough room for his toys.