Rice and Beans for Two

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Zach is already 3 months old, but let's see how it began.

Carmen is due with her second son, Zach, two days after this photo was taken.

Even Jase came to the hospital to visit Mom and Dad and wait for his brother, Zach.

Jason is updating everyone on the delivery by posting LIVE on the Internet, while Carmen texts her friends between contractions....and Abuelita is taking photos.

Baby Zach is here and finally Carmen can eat, she is starved!!

What a lovely guy!!!

Some Abuelita time.

This photo is very recent, sitting up in his Bumbo seat...funny contraption.

Did I tell you about Zach?

Carmen and Jason had their second son on October 2nd, Zachary Howard Ames...beautiful boy....let me show you.

Jase just LOVES his brother!!!

How do you handle two boys?

Nursing Zach in the park.

Love my Mama!!

Elektra has friends across the street

Devin is Elektra's age and they play well together.

Delaney plays well with her younger sister and Elektra.

Time to head back home, up the steep driveway.

Elektra hugging her new cat toy, she loves cats.

Photos from 2008

I had not been posting on a regular basis last year, so here are a few occasions you missed seeing.
For Halloween we went to the nearest local pumpkin patch and had lots of fun. There was face painting, pony riding, bunny petting pen, jumping areas and things to buy and eat.
Posing in the patch with Dad.

She loved the pony ride, even if it was just in a circle.

She is not too sure what this lady is doing, probably thinking the lady was pushing her face around too much....

But she loved the results.

She bounced for a long time, there were several small inflatables that suited her fine. We put her in a large, enclosed one and she immediately screamed bloody murder to get out.

Now this was her favorite area, she didn't want to leave the bunnies.

Loved her some cupcake....or cupcake frosting, that is!

Nothing betting than resting in Aba's lap after a long day.

It was too early to carve the pumpkin so we painted it. I decorated one side.

And Elektra decorated the other side of the same pumpkin (aren't I smart?). I gave her a whole bag of eyes, thinking she was only going to use two, but she found the need to use the whole bag, so there it is....a mouth full of eye teeth!

We love each other's company, life is great.

A warm day when the neighborhood pool was closed, she loved running through the sprinkler but especially loved playing in the mud the water was making.

We stopped at an ice cream parlor, I do love taking pictures of my grandchildren eating, why is that? They are so cute, that's why.

Here she is riding the wooden horse in her playroom....I didn't teach her how to do it but she loves rocking on it.

And this was my gorgeous grandson, Jase, with his Dad's hat on, looking at my iPhone, he loves those cell phones.

Isn't he so cute? Look at those red cheeks, having him some fun in the "park." How did he get dirt on his face?