Rice and Beans for Two

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!

The only day in the year you can dress up silly and not get yelled at by your boss. Not many people dress up like this at work but eveyone enjoys the laugh....not at my expense, though, I hope.
In case it is not obvious I am dressed as a cow although someone thought I was a dalmation dog or a cat. ???

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't feel left out, LuLu

Lulu was out with knee surgery and we wanted him to feel loved, like Nobia.

I thought filling his cube with balloons would be cool....BUT....we didn't have enough time or money. So we settled for a small wall of balloons, giving the illusion that the cube was filled to the top. It wasn't as easy as we thought and after 250 balloons we barely made it up to 5 feet....before they began to settle. Well they were colorful and it did make him laugh, so mission accomplished. But he wasn't as nice...what did he do with the balloons?

He put them in my cube!!!!! That rat!

Well everyone wanted to join in on the fun so they proceeded to pop all the balloons before the bosses got in.

Uh....what a mess!!!! Who's going to clean this up???

It didn't take too long....and I don't think we got in trouble...?...

Monday, October 16, 2006


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nobia's Foiled Cube

NOBIA HAS RETURNED!!!! And she found her cube had been personalized by someone who loves her. See that grin, she knows she is loved. This made her laugh out loud and shake her head.

Here she is peeling off the foil and finding she can probably get a sun tan by the reflections. It feels warm in her cube, she says.

Nobia went on vacation and a couple of her best friends decided her cube needed redecorating.

Here she is adding foil.

Not quite finished, yet....

Adding still more foil!!!

I think it's done! We've run out of foil! Wait until she sees it on Monday!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let me OUT!!!

OK, door, OPEN....OPEN....OPEN!!

I know they turn this handle...now lets see if I can do it.

Hey, Mom, are you there?
Hey, Dad, let me out!
Yeah, at last, I'm out. OK, so I'm tied down, so what, I'm out aren't I? Look I think I see Sam, aka Cow Kitty. I think he's my friend, but I'm not sure, that hissing kinda scares me but I think he likes me.

Hey, buddy, where have you been?