Rice and Beans for Two

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Paddy's Day Week-end with Elektra

So far this is what we have done with our lovely granddaughter, yes, we are having fun.

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Emperor - China's Terracotta Army

Maria and I went to see the 2000 year old clay soldiers from China

Everything about them is amazing, you must go see the exhibit. Rent the audio, you will enjoy the informative narrative.

The second soldier is my favorite, he looks like he is dancing or performing a martial art move.

There were horses with carriages for the Emperor's use after death.


And even birds were to accompany the Emperor into eternity.

They don't let you leave without going through the gift shop, bring something home to remember your visit:

I can't wait to use my tea straining cup....with lid to keep the tea warm and dust free, I guess.

This is the coin the Emperor designed for China's univeral use, I wonder how much it is worth now?

The view from the High Museum of Art's glass walk-way....

Maria examining an art work....viewing it from below.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zach is 5 months old, look how cute and happy he is!!

Pokey, Gumbi's horse was a gift to Jase but Zach found it delightful to chew on and Jase didn't mind letting him play with it.

Jase loves laying all over Zach, he got real excited when I put the blanket on the floor for Zach, he was right there with him....such a great brother!!

Zach is on the verge of rolling over, of course it will be totally accidentally.

Driving with Abuelito in the Corvette

These are Zach's cute shoes, same color as the Vette, nothing to do with riding with Abuelito, but aren't those cute toes???


It cracks Zach up to have his brother push him in the swing, and Jase pushes his brother very gently....thank goodness.

Carmen must have pushed Jase over 50 times, such a great Mom.

At the Mall

Carmen and her boys....shopping!!! Jase needs a distraction, hand-held DVD player will do wonders to allow Carmen time enough to shop.

I had a coupon for a free bear at Build-A-Bear. The extras were not free, I guess that's their plan.

Watching how it works...

Zach is always happy....fun boy.

"Give me a kiss, Jase."

Jase loves his Mama.....