Rice and Beans for Two

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Connie Talbot

This looks like an angel - Elektra!

You will not believe what I have come across on the web. Britain's new talent...she is only 6 years old and without any voice lessons she has a capacity to sing like Whitney Houston. Listen to her and you will want to buy her latest CD, coming out Monday.

I happen to have Elektra on my lap when I was viewing Connie sing and Elektra said to me, "I want to be Connie." Then in the kitchen, later on, she starts walking around singing notes and motioning with her hands and arms as if she were on stage. So cute.
Later on I try to get her to sing, but since she doesn't know the words to any songs she is timid in her voice. She is singing but mostly typing, one of her favorite things to do.


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