Rice and Beans for Two

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Elektra's First Visit (in over a year!)

Our first day shopping, we had to go get lots of things since this was her first visit and she didn't come with an overnight bag. We sure had fun!!!

Abuelita loves watching me eat, nothing makes her happier than to see me feed myself!!

Grapes, those are wonderful to eat, also!
I didn't need any help walking around, looking for Sasha.
On Abuelita's porch, looking for the kitty, Sasha. I spent all day talking about him!

Devin came to visit me from across the street, she brought her mother, Dawn. I'm 4 days older than Devin, I can't wait to go outside and play with her.

It is nighttime, it has been an exhausting day.....Abuelita fixed Maria's bed, a four poster bed from Puerto Rico, to accommodate me, with side railings and everything after an ingenious manipulation of the mattress. I love my bed, it's big enough for me and all my friends!!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger lillasysteryster said...

How wonderful!!! She is a real prett girl your granddaughter! And Im surpriced how nice she seems to have settled at your house! You must be a special kind of people :-D

At 4:44 PM, Blogger titi said...

Elektra is one sweet baby! She is very adaptable. I can hardly wait to see her with her cousin Jase! She is so pretty.


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