Rice and Beans for Two

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Poor baby has a fever

I'm only 5 months old yesterday and I can fit into 12 month old Carhart coveralls. This chair my grandparents bought for me over 10 years ago, crazy, but I'm finally here to sit in it. Mom thinks I am cutting a tooth and that is the reason I have a low grade fever. With a little Tylenol I am able to smile and be social. I couldn't help Dad and Abuelito with the heavy work but I promised to someday pitch in. I sat in the wheelbarrow just to get the hang of it. Everyone who mets me loves me, I am so lucky. Abuelita can't wait for me to grow a little bit more so I can walk and talk. I am so lucky to have great parents and grandparents who love me to pieces.


At 5:37 AM, Blogger titi said...

Jase is so cute. He looks so tired in the wheelbarrow. Too much work.... needs a guest workers visa for Abuelo's yard!


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