Rice and Beans for Two

Thursday, December 14, 2006

All the Way from SWEDEN!!!

Linda Alm sent us a wonderful onesie for my newborn grandson, Jason Jr., in the Swedish colors and crown!! He's going to be a hit in that!
Olivia, only 3yrs old, wanted to write me a letter so here are her sentiments written in her own secret coded message.

More delightful drawings from the other side of the world by Olivia. Thank you, darling!

A Christmas stocking and bunches of favorite Swedish candies. I can't wait for Carmen and Maria to get here so we can try them together, yummy!!


At 4:24 PM, Blogger lillasysteryster said...

So funny it is to see the stuff "over there"... It feels like it was last night I packed it all down for you! I hope I will get a chance to see baby Ames in the swedishdress, please post a photo when he gets it!

The "kexchoklad" is my all time favourite candy. I eat atleast two of those everyday during my pregnancy :-)


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